Miragic is the energy that feeds the World Tree. When a player performs a Magical Transformation, his or her possessions transform into Miragic.

Transformed into Miragic are:

Miragic can also be obtained by completing Alchemy Quests, by serving Questies without using Mana, by competing Premium Quests and at dragon races. It can also be obtained by manufacturing Miragic Potions with Magical Mushrooms (Elevated Miragic Drink gives 40 Miragic and Masterful Miragic Drink gives 80 Miragic). And now with the new update the player can get some miragic from the login bonus.

How much Miragic everything transforms into is uncertain, but some calculations reveal a couple of things:

Every 25 Mana transforms into 1 Miragic.

Every 1200 Gold transforms into 1 Miragic.

That makes up about 60% of the total amount of Miragic donated to the World Tree, if you've maxed out all buildings and your Pet Dragon.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have more insights on Miragic calculation.